Q. Is your farm open to the public? Can I drop by for a quick visit or take some photos?
A. Alderley Grange is also our family home and is therefore closed to the public. Thank you in advance for understanding. 

Q. How does the Alderley Grange "FarmStandCredit" work? 
A. Like buying a gift certificate, you can pre-load your "FarmStandCredit" for a wide variety of purchases compared to a pre-determined CSA membership. The pre-purchased credit provides you with flexible, cashless transactions. Receive an additional 10% credit for amounts over $100 (e.g. $300 becomes $330). You can purchase your FarmStandCredit HERE.

Q. What is a CSA Membership?
A. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) requires members to pre-purchase a share of the farm’s harvest before the growing season. The CSA model helps farmers plan for their crops, purchase livestock, and hire seasonal workers. The funds gathered from the CSA provide farmers with confidence, knowing they have a responsibility to their customers.

Q. Do you have any plans to create a CSA program in the future?
A. Yes we will be planning a CSA program in the fall for weekly deliveries in 2021. Join our mailing list if you would ike to be notified.