Our Story

So we gratefully acknowledge this place and its heritage within Coast and Straits Salish territories. As caretakers of this smallholding on Alderley Road—we are nestled within the hillside overlooking Hunt Valley and the Salish Sea. We've taken our time establishing each type of paddock, coop and garden area by observing the natural rhythms of our farmyard. As a result, Alderley Grange has slowly established itself, utilizing many organic and permaculture practices to replenish and build our topsoil. We create modest amounts of seasonal products that we are proud to share with our local community.

Meet Your Farmers

We grew up in remote areas of British Columbia: Trevor was living and working in Vernon's orchard country in the Okanagan Valley. After university in 1986, he moved to Victoria, BC. Carol's farm life started when her parents purchased a rural homestead north of Prince George. In 1979, they moved to Sidney, BC. Fast forward to 2010, after ten years happily living in Victoria and raising four children, both had a mutual longing for that rural lifestyle. After a five-year-long search, they found what would eventually be their future farm project on Alderley Road on the Saanich Peninsula and aptly named it Alderley Grange.

What is a Grange?

We adopted the word Grange for several reasons. First, we had a garage and a garage-style outbuilding, and we needed to differentiate between them. We immediately liked the word's synonym for smallholding, homestead or farmstead. Farmers in Great Britain would select a centrally located grange as their meeting place to trade information, seeds, and farm produce in support of each other. Coincidently, in the United States, a Grange is a farm society that encourages families to band together to promote the local community's agricultural economy. For these reasons, by having "grange" in our name helps us tell our story.